La Liga week 11: Real Madrid 3-0 Leganes

Real Madrid is now 5 points clear of FC Barcelona before the clash between Sevilla (4th place) and Barca (2nd). Coach Zidane comments:

“I always think about the team, that’s what concerns me. I’m pleased with the work everyone put in, not any player in particular. There will always be one who makes the difference, but the great thing today was the team.
We know the job we are doing and even 100 points doesn’t guarantee that you win La Liga. It’s getting harder and harder to win easy games, they don’t exist. The first half was difficult for us today. Then after we got the goal, the game changed and we controlled the second half well.

What Cristiano has to do is finish his career here. He is unique because of what he does and what he stands for. His dream is to end his career here and I am happy that he can renew his contract and end his career here just I did a long time ago”.