Premier League gameweek 11: Liverpool 6-1 Watford

The win moves Liverpool to the top of the Premier League with another impressive performance and empathic. Cotinho and Mane delivered a great game for the team. 

Coach Jürgen Klopp comments :

“I’m really happy actually. It was a good performance, absolutely, against a difficult opponent. In the last few games they had three clean sheets and not lucky clean sheets. We knew about the challenge and we tried to do the right things in training and prepare the team for this. Obviously it worked, together with the confidence we obviously have, and the skills and the attitude of the players. So it worked out today. The strange thing in this game is that we had the biggest chance before we started scoring. But we stood in the game and did the right things. We were really concentrated in the first half – it was really good. In the second half, how it is, the break was better for the opponent than it was for us. You need to stay concentrated, we were concentrated and we scored more goals. That’s OK.

But we wasted a little bit of energy with balls which we gave them too easily. We had to then defend really lively with a lot of running, which is not necessary when you are patient enough. But we are still early in our development and there are a lot of things we can improve. Watford deserved the goal because they created a few chances and Loris was really busy, which in a game you win 6-1 is not really likely. So, a lot of things we can improve, but a lot of things worked really well today. It was a good performance on the pitch and on the stands, so it was a really nice afternoon.

If somebody thinks being one point ahead after 11 matchdays is a big sign for the rest of the season, I can’t help this person. Sorry! We stay cool, nothing happened. It’s the best position I can imagine actually, but really nothing else happened. We didn’t speak one word before the game – we knew already that Arsenal drew against Tottenham – but we didn’t speak one word about the possibility of being top of the table. The only thing you can do is to work and stay concentrated, because a lot of different things could happen in the next few weeks and months. How positive they are is up to us, actually.”

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