Liga BBVA day 16: Real Madrid 10-2 Rayo Vallecano

Real Madrid is the first team since 1960 to have scored 10 goals in a Liga match. In 4045 official games, Real Madrid has done it 4 times. It gives you the perspective of this large victory that could have turned quite frankly in a different direction after 15 minutes.

Indeed, Rayo Vallecano was leading 2-1 at the 14th when Tito got sent off for the red card. 13 minutes after Real Madrid was awarded a penalty and Rayo sanctioned with another red card.. It was too much and Real Madrid will lead at the break 4-2. Then the second half was an embrassement for RaYo Vallecano as they let Bale scored a quadruple and a hat-trick from Benzema and a brace for Cristiano Ronaldo,

Coach Rafael Benitez reacts on this unreel performance.

“There were three phases in the match: the first, in which we scored and did what we knew we were capable of doing, and constantly looked to get in behind their defenders; the second, when we conceded two goals and needed to pay more attention in defence; and the third, when the team got into the game by making the most of the numerical advantage. From that point on we did what we needed to do, scored goals”.

“Unlike the players I get to leave the dressing room a bit later and focus on the game. We started scoring and the supporters were happy. None of us want to make mistakes and when we overcome them we have to take advantage of the situation presented to us, and that’s what we did today”.

“As a manager you’re trying to get your team to score, keep the opposition quiet and attack and defend well. Like I’ve said before, the la Décima anthem reflects what we need to do: ‘Hala Madrid and nothing else’. I like those lyrics and I believe they can help all of us. I got to the technical area with my mind fully focused on the game. The team scored and looked to be playing well. It satisfied me when the match got difficult and we reacted well”.