No one is better suited to discuss the pressures of being a goal keeper than IkerCasillas. Arguably one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he is nearly unbeatable due to his agility, quickness and intelligence out on the field.

The goalkeeper is the last one to prevent the opponent from scoring and therefore it is necessary to make as few mistakes as possible. Staying calm is perhaps the most important part of the game because it is the confidence of the goalkeeper that sets the mood for the rest of the team. One wrong move can cost the team victory and saving a penalty kick can be extremely difficult, especially under the pressure of trying to win the game with thousands of fans either cheering or jeering.

It’s all about reactions and IkerCasillas has been playing for Real Madrid since 1190. He worked his way through the ranks until he earned the starting role with the First Team, which took place in the 1999-2000 season.

Casillas recently suffered a brutal injury, fracturing the metacarpal on his left hand. Real Madrid has had to perform without him and none of the other goalkeepers have the same kind of experience and a Champions League victory under their belt. However, Casillas has been out for about twelve weeks, where he has learned to sit on the bench.

Real Spain’s captain, Jose Mourinho, has already said that Casillas is not going to make the cut to go into the squad to face up against Galatasaray, which means that Casillas is scheduled to spend even more time on the bench.

Casillas has already proved himself as a starting goalkeeper for Real Madrid for over a decade, winning a variety of victories for his team around the country. Now, due to an injury, he must heal and wait his turn to prove himself worthy of supporting his team once again.

If you were to listen to the interviews where Mourinho has spoken, there are doubts as to whether Casillas will ever make it back into a starting position, let alone off of the bench. Although Casillas has suffered an injury, as soon as he has recovered, he will be the best player that Real Madrid has. If they don’t put him back on the field in a timely manner once he has full range of motion back in his hand, it could be possible that another team will snatch him up for the 2013/2014 season – which could make the games a little bit more intense when his new team plays Real Madrid.

Sports betting sites follow closely the rehab of players like IkerCasillas as his involvement in the game heavily influences the turnout of a game.  Over the recent years online betting sites and other online gaming sites like Jackpotjoy casino games have seen an increase in popularity in Europe.  The online betting sites review a lot of statistics to calculate the odds of each game.  IkerCasillas is likely one of the most closely watched players by these sites as he will certainly alter the statistics of any game he enters.

When you look at all the players currently trained as goalkeeper, no one has the statistics like IkerCasillas – though whether his manager realizes it or not remains to be seen.