Colombia’s capital has launched a novel advertising campaign called “Global Bogotá” to promote the city to visitors, tourists, teams and the international press participating in the U-20 World Cup between July 29 and August 20, 2011.

In honor of the second most important soccer event in the world, Bogotá City Hall’s new campaign will recreate scenes from the city’s daily life in which the passion for soccer is palpable.  Through it all, homemakers, taxi drivers, office workers, security guards, doctors, students and even the elderly watch sports broadcasts and fill major city sites to demonstrate in a variety of ways the emotion they feel for this international tournament.

The “Global Bogotá” initiative will be publicized via mass media.  The face of the campaign will be one of the symbols of the sport, Pedro Franco, a member of the Colombian U-20 team that won the Toulon Hopefuls’ Tournament.  Franco will convey a message of youth, energy, hope, citizenship, and ambition to young rising soccer stars in the capital.

“Global Bogotá” will adorn the city’s major avenues and high-traffic areas with 26 billboards and signs more than two meters tall on bus station walls to announce the tournament’s messages. Radio spots on the most popular stations will emphasize that soccer is the essential, common thread that connects all Bogotanos.

The campaign will also be present in the terminals, stations and on the buses of the TransMilenio system.  Signs will remind users that Bogotá is one of the sites of the event, and the city in which 10 games will be played, including the most important ones: the semi-finals and the final.

The campaign’s official launch ceremony took place on Thursday, June 9, in the Red Room of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Tequendama Bogotá.  Bogotá Mayor Clara López, Minister of Education María Fernanda Campo, Colombian Soccer Federation President Luis Bedoya, and General Secretary of Bogotá City Hall Yuri Chillán Reyes were all in attendance.

During the opening ceremony, Bogotá’s commitment to not only live soccer was presented, but also its commitment to offer national and international tourists a full cultural experience as they enjoy the U-20 World Cup and explore Bogotá through the city’s museums, theaters, restaurants, recreational events and architectural heritage.

“Global Bogotá” Activities (June, July and August)


The World Cup celebration will take place in parks, schools, sports academies, shopping malls and in various districts of the city with events such as the ‘Tour de la Copa’ (Cup Tour), between June 16 and 22. Local residents will be able to admire and take pictures of the trophy, the inspiration for the 24 teams battling to be crowned the U-20 World Cup champion.


On July 19, a majestic ceremony will take place to seal the bicentennial time capsule urn in Bogotá’s Plaza de Bolívar, an event that will be accompanied by a powerful show to commemorate the “cry for independence” and the event’s history.


Another event will be the Fan Zone organized from July 27 to August 20 in the Plaza de los Alfiles at the Gran Estación Mall. Fans will be able to follow all the action on huge screens, plus enjoy cultural performances from singers, bands, dancers and actors.

Noche Mundial (“World Cup Night”), an all-night event during which Bogotá culture and commerce can be enjoyed, will take place on August 19. Bogotá’s citizens and tourists will be able to enjoy Bogotá Nocturna (“Bogotá Night Life”) through musical, theatrical and cultural activities held in different districts and sites of interest throughout Bogotá.  Stores will also follow the usual Bogotá Despierta (“Bogotá Awake”) late-night schedule.

The soccer festivities throughout the city will be complemented by traditional events such as:

Bogotá’s  473rd birthday, a day when the entire city will put its best foot forward.

The “Colombia al Parque Festival” featuring musicians from various genres who will perform free concerts for visitors.

The XV Summer Festival and its complete sports and recreational program offering free entertainment for the people of Bogotá in the city’s parks and sports clubs.

Bogotá: A City for Tourists

Bogotá is establishing itself as the premier destination for international tourists to Colombia. Between January and April 2011, the capital received 271,767 visitors, 17.9% more than during the same period in 2010.  Cartagena and Medellín were a distant second and third, with 13.2% and 8.9% growth, respectively.

This robust demand for tourism services has spurred direct investment in Bogotá hotels. Between January and March 2011, the average hotel occupancy rate was above 60%, according to Cotelco reports.

Bogotá is ready to open its doors to the world, ensuring its visitors will find excellent sports facilities and unrivaled hospitality.  Visitors will also have the opportunity to take in countless cultural and recreational activities as they enjoy soccer, equal rights for all, empowerment and the diversity characteristic of this thriving capital city

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