Manchester City – Chelsea preview:

Jose Mourinho (Chelsea coach)

“Last weekend Arsenal and City got one point each, nobody got three. These matches in the end can be important, but if you analyse with a simple pragmatic view it’s one game, three points, no more than that.

‘For the title it’s not just City, there are other teams in this race. Other clubs have exactly the same ambition as Chelsea and City.

‘Last season we had the experience and we know what it is to win there and to lose there. I’m not exhaustively going through every second of these two matches with the players.

‘I did it myself to try to identify the differences between the two to help us understand why we were so strong in the first game and not so strong in the second one.

‘But last season is last season; statistics belong to history, not to the future. What happened last year has no relation to this season. Can we go there and win like we did last season? Obviously we can. But we can also lose.

‘We respect them totally because they deserve that respect. At the same time, we believe in ourselves and we want to win.”

Manuel Pellegrini (Manchester City coach)

“They have started very well and they are playing very well. They have increased their squad with more and better players so for me, it is no surprise they are there.

“It is very important to win on Sunday but there is a long way until the end of the season. This is just the fourth game and we have to play 38 so we will see what happens in the future.”

“We must win our next game at home. With that, we will be just two points behind the Premier League leaders and for me, that is a very good start after playing Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea.”

“I don’t think Chelsea is just about Diego Costa. They have very good players and we will have to play a very good game if we want to win”.

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