Premier League day 6 – Chelsea 3-0 AstonVilla

Coach Mourinho speaks:

I’m happy. In the first half we had a couple of important chances to score again but everything was under control.

‘The team were very solid and kept control of the game all the time. Even when it was 1-0, I don’t remember feeling fear, scared or uncomfortable. The second and third goals obviously killed the game but overall it was a very good performance.’

On Oscar’s display…
‘He played well against Bolton, today I played him again because I think he needs the confidence that comes with matches.

‘His performance was good; he was in important areas of our game, the connection between him, Maticand Fabregas was good, the connection between him and the attacking players was good.’

On home form importance at the end of the season…
‘In the Premier League we have to get points every game. At home, if it’s possible you don’t want to lose many points during the season because that’s an important factor in the table.

‘We are fine; we’ve played six matches, we won all three at home playing well and scoring goals, we are happy with what we’re doing.

‘We go match after match, the next one in the Premier League is Arsenal, we have a lead of three points over Southampton which gives us the guarantee that next weekend we will still be top of the league. Is this very important? It’s not crucial, because it’s still early, but it’s a gap which gives you a good feeling, it’s good to be top of the league.

‘Everybody knows everybody is going to lose points; I don’t think anybody is convinced Chelsea are going to continue this run for 10, 15 or 20 matches, always getting positive results. In the Premier League it’s always possible, in every game, for a top team to lose points.’

On goalscorers throughout the side at present…
‘We are playing well, we have different players scoring goals. We are scoring goals in different ways; the only way we haven’t scored is from a penalty, because we haven’t had a penalty. We are not perfect; we have a lot to improve, in every area of our game, but we are doing well.’

Diego Costa scored his eighth goal of the campaign…
‘I don’t care about Diego’s goals, I just care about the team scoring enough goals to win. I know for a striker scoring goals is always nice for his confidence, especially for a player like him, who is not training as he should because we are protecting him in certain situations.’

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