Aston Villa 0-3 Arsenal

Arsenal coach – Arsene Wenger

“[Ozil] had a good performance. The performance is not necessarily linked with the position he played. It was the plan of the day to play him there but that can change game by game. The whole team played better as well and he’s a guy who depends a little bit on the quality of our game.

“I was impressed by [Welbeck’s] performance because he had good [ball] retention, he scored, he had an assist, he worked hard and he had a great game.

“We had a good focus from the start on, a good work-rate and good togetherness. Our team play was convincing – we could play patiently and we could play quickly when needed. We scored three goals in [just over] three minutes and that was game over. The second half was more controlled and it was a very convincing performance.”

“It’s a bit animalistic to score. You need to be in the middle and you always need to wait for your chance to get the ball. On the flank you have less of that responsibility.

“When you play wide you have to cross the ball for somebody else to score. Playing in the middle, somebody has to go on the flank and cross the ball for you to score, so it’s a different job.

“He [Welbeck] has an interesting potential. He has a good mentality, good physical potential and good technical potential. He contributes to our team play because he doesn’t lose the ball up front and those are important qualities.

“To get that [scoring] instinct, it’s not selfish. I like a striker who gives the ball when he has to give the ball and scores when he can score. The fact that he can provide and score, like he did today, is very important.”

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