Champions League day 3:

Barcelona won a third game in as many European confrontations to top the group. The win versus Inter [2-0] was the first victory without Messi and the Spanish club adapts to new life without their maestro. The Argentinian will be sidelined for about a month with a fractured arm

Coach Valverde comments on the big as he prepares to the big clash 

We needed to take a step up in today’s game and that’s what we did. Inter came into the game in good form.

The game was vital for us as the win gives us top spot. We played very well, and got better as the game progressed. Those were three very important points and the result in the other game in the group has benefited us as well.

We have to adapt to Messi’s absence. We pressured well, winning the ball back and not letting Inter breath”

Next is El Clásico versus Real Madrid:

We’ll need to be solid, play as a team and go out with the right mentality” he insisted. “Because a Clásico is a different matter entirely no matter what form a team might be in.”