Champions League

Champions League day 3

A few months ago Tottenham was crowned ICC Cup champions to launch their season the best way possible. Players could get a break to celebrate in a licensed casino in new jersey. However, the Champions League journey has been quite the opposite.

The Londoners are still winless after three games and can regret points lost away from home at Inter [L 2-1] and Eindhoven [D 2-2] with late goals conceded. Those late goals might be to hard for the team to overcome the deficit.

Liverpool in good shape

Liverpool top the group with three wins in three matches. The latest was 4-0 against a weaker opponent Belgrade. In a very difficult group including PSG and Napoli, Liverpool have managed to grab six points. While top two spots remain wide opened, the English club is in a comfortable position to advance.

Coaches reaction half-way through Champions League matches 

Liverpool coach, Klopp on the result;

“It would not be a big surprise for you that I think we are not through yet! This group will obviously stay exciting until the end, which I thought was pretty clear immediately after the draw. You cannot do more than win your own games and then the situation changes in your favour. That happened tonight. But it doesn’t say too much about the group, to be honest.

It was just a good football game and they could finish the situations because we had the right movements in the right moment, we had the right passes, we had the right formation. The first two goals were after a counter-pressing situation, which is brilliant and very important.

When you see how big the impact was of the boys coming on, that’s really important as well. You cannot win a game 4-0 if most of the things aren’t really good and tonight most of the things were really good.”

Spurs Coach, Pochettino on the bad draw:

“The game was under control at 2-1. We didn’t force enough to score the third goal and kill the game. When the result is so tight and the opponent is alive you can control the game but you can always allow some chances and that’s what happened today.

“The performance was good. We dominated, we had some bad luck in some actions. That is football. If you play nine games more maybe you win all the games. The circumstances were against us but again, we’re not going to blame (anyone). We need to see ourselves and try to improve.”