Barcelona 7-0 Levante

Tata Martino reacts after one way victory in La Liga’s opening:

“The main concern is to play well and win.  It’s essential in order to build confidence and send out a message.  I want Barça to be good as soon as possible.  We’ll try and do things well right from the first moment.  That’s the starting point”.

“I’m new to European football, but not as a coach.  Nevertheless, all debuts generate anxiety”.   “I’m still getting to know people.  The Barça world is very big but out on the pitch it’s all easier to deal with.  That’s our place”. Barcelona show its rivals and new coach Ancelotti’s Real Madrid that can start on how will be the next champion.

About Puyol: I’m waiting for Puyol. He’s working hard on field training and it’s likely that from the September FIFA date he’ll be able to train normally.

About Neymar: “patience and calm”.  “He’s an excellent player, great in the 1 to 1 and looks comfortable in training.  The only thing we need with Neymar is to be logical when it comes to slotting him into the team, as his arrival wasn’t normal.  He’s probably the one who has done the least physical training”.

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