Serie A: Napoil 3-2 AC Milan

At the 52nd minute AC Milan was leading 2-0 at Napoli and surely on the verge of signing their best win of the season. 35 minutes later, Napoli win the game 3-2 and shut down AC Milan hopes.

Napoli is one of the three teams in Serie A to have won their first two games.

Napoli coach, Ancelotti on the comeback victory:

“Not many teams are capable of coming from behind the way we did today so overall my assessment is positive. Of course we need to respond more quickly in future and not give things away as we did today. Winning like that is great for confidence though.

We didn’t play well in the first half but we weren’t awful either. I think it was an average display. AC Milan are an excellent side. You mustn’t forget the opposition have their own strengths so it’s nothing unusual to struggle against teams like that at times.

At half time I told the lads to stay calm because all we needed was to start producing our football. We needed to close them down quicker and speed up our passing. We managed to do that after conceding a second goal. You shouldn’t allow your opponents to get in that position but I’ve learnt a lot from today.”

AC Milan coach, Gattuso, on the huge disappointment:

We troubled Napoli and dominated the match for almost an hour. Then, after conceding the first goal we dropped our game and this is our biggest regret.

We have to work on our mentality and manage the different situations of the game better. We are a strong team, we need to correct some mistakes but we need time, although we don’t have much.