Premier League: Newcastle United 1-2 Chelsea

Chelsea won a third consecutive games in as many matches in the Premier League and monopolized the ball with a blatant 81% possession during the match.

Three teams have won their first three games including also Liverpool and surprisingly Watford.

The new coach, Sarri, has already imposed his style of play. He comments on the victory:

“We knew it’s a difficult game here, especially for us but for every team. Last season Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal all lost here so I don’t think it’s easy to play here against this opponent.

In Italy I’ve never seen Rafa play with five defenders, so low and compact. It was difficult but we needed to move the ball faster and be patient.

To be drawing five minutes from the end, it was even more difficult. From the character point of view this is a strong team. 

I only thought it was the first time they had been in our box, it was a bit unlucky I think. I don’t know if there was a foul, I was far away.

On Hazard:

I think he played very well, maybe it’s better for him at this moment to only play 70 or 75 minutes but after the first goal Kovacic asked to be substituted, so for me it was impossible to let him rest.’

Defender David Luiz added:

“It wasn’t easy, especially in the first half. In the second half we started to create more chances because they became a bit tired and spaces started to open for us so that was good.

It was a typical Premier League game. We went 1-0 up and then they scored to make it 1-1 but we were mature enough to be calm and try to score another goal, which is what we did, so that’s good.

We played another great game, it’s always difficult to get points at Newcastle but we controlled the game.”