Premier League: Manchester United 0-3 Tottenham Hotspur

We are only in August band just three games have been played in the Premier League. But, can we say that Jose Mourinho’s job is in danger? Manchester United lost an important and much anticipated game against rivals Tottenham. They seemed unfocused and lost on the pitch.

Indeed, the Red Devils were mocked at home with three goals in the second half, and two of them in just two minutes [50′, 52′]. The Spurs join Chelsea and Liverpool on top of the League with three wins as many games. On the other end, Man Utd lost their last 2 matches and conceded six goals.

Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho, on the disastrous evening:

Post game – “We worked very well during the week and prepared for the game very well. By the strategic and tactical point of view, we didn’t lose. We played very well, the players had a fantastic attitude and, at half-time, the score in my opinion should have been two goals different, minimum.

We created more chances than in any match. We were really frustrated at half-time with the result but we believed that we were going to win the game. Then something changed the game a little bit and the score was 2-0 but the team was in the game. I’m not saying that with one goal, we would have won or even drawn, but we were very much in the game and only the 3-0 smashed the mentality of the team.

One thing is to lose at home and deservedly, another thing is to lose undeservedly, being the best team, having a fantastic attitude and being really, really unlucky.

If anyone that watched this game, one thing is for sure: the team is united. For the team to fight the way they did, with empathy, with solidarity between the players and dignity to play together for Manchester United and lose at home, of course it’s a very difficult thing for anyone. I think one is clear: the team is united. And there is no union without the manager.”

Tottenham Hotspur, Mauricio Pochettino on a big performance at Old Trafford:

Post-game – “It’s only three points but after four years playing here without scoring one goal and all that was negative for us, 3-0 away from home at Old Trafford is a massive, massive victory.

We need to keep pushing, try to be consistent throughout the season. We’ve started really well with three games and three victories. We must keep calm and work hard, that’s the most important thing.”