Manchester United 1-2 West Bromwich Albion

The Red Devils stagnate at a miserable 12th spot in Premier League with 7 points while Arsenal already count 15. Jokers were burnt for Moyes who now is on a fine line with no rooms for errors. Rebound is expected at Donetsk for Champions League which promises to be a very though match-up.  Check on Soccer betting at Sportsbook to find out about latest Man Utd odds.

Manager Moyes reacts:

“It was a poor result and a poor performance – we never really got going. “We lacked an intensity and spark to our game, and in the end they deserved the win, I can’t argue with that.

“In the first half we had a lot of the ball and tried to move it – we probably controlled a lot of the game – but I thought for all our possession we didn’t create a lot of opportunities. And when we did, we didn’t take them.

“They had a couple of chances on the break and the more we went for it, the more chances they seemed to get.

“We had plenty of forward players out there but we’re just not opening teams up. I’m concerned after today but there are a lot of games to go and we’ll try to put it right.”

“Robin’s injury was a small one. Our plan was to give him some time, though maybe not as long as we gave him in the end.”

“In football you’re not going to win every game so support your team,” he said. “It’s a great club with great players and we’ll do everything we can to put today’s result right.”


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