Premier League: Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United 

Once again Jose Mourinho took the best of Wenger’s coaching and Arsenal. Manchester United came to Emirates Stadium with fury and scored quickly two goals into the first minutes of the game.
Arsenal did come a goal back with the 8th from summer transfer Lacazette but Man Utd was just too good. Mourinho tortured again his best enemy leaving the Arsenal coach with no response against United’s firepower. The two Manchester teams are clearly better than the rest of the teams in the Premier League.
Coach Mourinho on the win:
“I thought it was a phenomenal game. I loved the way my team played and fought. But I also have to say that Arsenal played, in some periods, amazing attacking football, creating difficulties for us. But I have to say that my players deserve all the great words. I don’t know so many more in English! But amazing, phenomenal, fantastic, and deserved the three points.
The plan was when they [Arsenal] had the ball, we all had to defend, starting with the attacking players, and when we have the ball, we had to try to counter-attack fast and try to score goals, which we did. We had the ball against the post, we had this last situation with [Romelu] Lukaku facing Petr Cech and, of course, they [Arsenal] can say they had chances but we fought and we had a great goalkeeper too and I think we deserve [the win].”   
Coach Wenger on the loss:
“I am very angry because the team produced a quality performance with desire, they were strong mentally and overall in a game of that stature to have 33 shots on goal and nothing to show for it… I tell you tonight that I am absolutely angry. When you see the potential we have and in the end the way we started at the back is very difficult to swallow. We know we need to be dominant in the challenges and the first two goals are hard to accept.
I think even at 2-1 we cannot afford to concede another goal. We were going at 2-1 with 25 minutes to go and could come back, but the 3-1 is the killer. Again, we made a huge mistake and gave them the third goal.”

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