Serie A week 28

Inter Milan won at AC Milan in a thrilling Milan Derby. With the win the Nerazzurri reached third place in front of their opponents with 10 more games to play in the League. 

In the battle for Champions League, Inter enjoyed a big result against their rivals. Inter have great feeling now as they are holding onto third spot for an exciting end of the season.

Inter president, Zhang, on the win:

“I want to congratulate the team and the coach. We were tired after Thursday’s match but Inter are strong. Despite the difficulties, we pushed for the win, right from the first minute. The #DerbyMilano is always a special match, always with that added bit of excitement.

It was a difficult game today and I hope that everyone enjoyed it. We conveyed positivity and we’re now already looking to the future, to the next match and next month. This Derby sends an important message not just to the Inter fans but to everyone who watched it.

Three days after Thursday’s match, we took part in today’s intense encounter, however, every player did great right from the first minute – not just technically but also mentally. This is Inter, we must give our all in every match to gift our fans great happiness.” 

AC Milan coach, Gattuso, on the defeat:

“We should have been more compact. We need to look back on the first half, we weren’t at it in the first 45 minutes. For the first goal, we conceded from a seven on two situation. After that, we didn’t deal with the high pressure. We’re disappointed, but a team without the right mentality would have collapsed today. Inter are a great side that are going through a difficult spell. When it was 2-3, we could have scored.

In recent months, we’ve received plenty of compliments for our defensive work. I’ve always said that it’s not just down to the defence when we haven’t been conceding goals. Today was testament to that. We let him sneak in for the first goal and could have done better, we then made another mistake when the ball was put into the middle. In terms of attitude, we underestimated the opposition. On a technical level, we tried to create a number of chances. We need to get back to what we were doing.”