Aston villa 3-2 Manchester City

After a 3-2 loss in Cardiff, City again gave up a game a

coach Pellegrini reacts:

We did all we could to win the game, we played well and then in five minutes, we lost it”.

“It’s incredible the way we lost this game.

“It’s hard to take, we played very well today, nothing like the way we played against Cardiff or Stoke, we played well and deserved another score but there’s a lot of reasons why it happened.

“It’s very difficult to explain football, as you said we controlled the ball, we had the advantage twice – the second goal was a beautiful free-kick – the third goal was incredible”.

“In five minutes we did what we did, before that we had possession, we had chances but we didn’t score,”. “In five minutes we did two things which threw away the match – we must concentrate for 90 minutes.

“We were winning, then Villa had one shot on our goal and they scored – football has these things. Maybe today we deserved more but football is like this.

“I hope that some day we will win away because this is the third game we’ve played and we haven’t won any”.