Landon Donovan notched an assist in his debut for Everton. Will he stay? Did MLS lose him forever? Will he end up at Milan or Madrid???

Don’t think so.

He can serve in a nice ball, there is no question about that, but can he assert himself when needed? He didn’t make any glaring mistakes against Arsenal on Saturday, but aside from one good set piece cross, he didn’t contribute much either. I am glad to see him playing outside mid for all his clubs and country now.

I think he sucks in the middle of the park and hides way too much to ever have an impact from the middle. At least out wide he can run his sprints and wait for the right opportunity to spring onto a long ball into the corner.

It will be interesting to see how many good crosses he serves in during the run of play next time out.

Freddy Adu heads to Greece on loan and if this kid can make the United States’ World Cup roster, he will be the comeback player of the decade. Well, unless DaMarcus Beasley or Eddie Johnson make it too! Or Eddie Gaven…isn’t he is the USMNT camp as we speak?

The USMNT is holding its annual If-You-Have-A-Face-You’ll-Most-Likely-Get-A-Call month long camp at the Home Depot Center this month which culminates in a game against…wait, drum roll please…HONDURAS!!!

What a way to prepare for the World Cup…who’s next, Catalina Island?

Major League Soccer could be looking at a strike or lockout this spring. I’ll put MLS rookie type money on the fact that no play will be interrupted and the season will start on time and as usual…yawn.

But wait, Philadelphia will open new to the league with Peter Nowak running the show. Wonder if he needs an outside mid or center mid? I know of a kid in Greece that…

I can’t wait for the World Cup to start and will be pulling heavily for a new winner like Spain, Holland or Portugal to win it. Enough with the same old seven already!

Who’s your pick to win this summer’s tournament?

–Mark Lincir is the Editor-In-Chief of 90:00 Soccer Magazine

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