Everton 1-3 Manchester City

Manchester City will be crowned Premier League champions this season and they can do by beating theirs rivals Manchester United. It would be something special for the fans.

What a season it has been for Man City. With a 16 points lead in the standings the trophy will be for Man City and the Citizens have accomplished a second objective after winning the League Cup over Arsenal [3-0]. Next is the Champions League quarterfinals and a domestic challenge against Liverpool and Mo Salah, who scored his 37th goal for Liverpool over the weekend. Man. City vs Liverpool betting odds give the best options for the big game against two English clubs. 

Coach Guardiola admittedly focus on the Champions League: 

“We are so, so close. Now our focus is the Champions League so we are going to adapt the game against United for the Liverpool games before and after. With the distance we have [16 points], we have to be focused on the Champions League and in the middle we have United – who of course we are going to try and beat and try and play – but the line-up will be thinking about Liverpool.

We are so happy. After 3 weeks without game you never know how you will react and the way we started, the first half was so good. And the second half as well. No matter what happens you have to be aggressive and jam and try to keep the ball and be aggressive and we did that.

We know in this stadium at Goodison Park and at Anfield that if you don’t win duels or show up then it’s so complicated, it’s almost impossible to take a result.This is the first time as manager that we have been able to beat Everton as a manager and just one more game or two more games and we will be champions.”  

For Liverpool coach Klopp, Manchester City challenge will be difficult but with confidence: 

“The boys are really on fire, I like that, but I know as a football professional you always have to deliver, deliver and deliver. We really took back [players] from completely different countries and time zones, then you have two days – or one-and-a-half – to be prepared. Then you saw physically we were not at our best today and you need all what you have to beat Crystal Palace.

You have to fight, we fought and I am really happy about it. We didn’t play the best football we can play, no problem with that but it helps, especially in the Premier League.

It will still be very difficult against Manchester City. I don’t think it gives us a big advantage against them, but no problem with that. We will be excited about the opportunity to play City in a quarter-final early enough, but in the moment we are still enjoying this result.”