Q: Inzaghi is synonymous with AC Milan. We are curious to know about that night in Istanbul (2005 Champions League Final vs Liverpool)
A: Nothing of what the press says! There were not early celebrations. I remember we had a bit ‘of concern because we know that in football anything can happen, as indeed has happened then. I was not in the field, but in the stands. I went down to the changing room and I experienced the tension that was there.

Q: You have scored so many goals. The one you prefer?
A: Certainly the two I scored in Athens. Two goals to get the Champions League: important and unforgettable.

Q: You recently beat Raul Gonzales Blanco in the top scorers list. Raul vs Inzaghi: who is the best?
A: It’s not me the one to judge. I appreciate very much Raul as player. He is always been at the highest level, with an important career like mine and is not a coincidence that we are still on top.

Q: Who inspired you to become “Pippo” Inzaghi?
A: I was inspired by the top scorers of that time: Paolo Rossi and Marco Van Basten.

Q: What drives you to keep on playing after so many wins and satisfactions?
A: Passion and love I have for this sport, which is the most beautiful in the world. I am a very lucky; there are so many years playing football at the highest levels and not everyone got the big wins. It is very important to propose yourself new objectives.

Q: What do you think when you’re face to face with the goalkeeper?
A: In those moments you do not have much time to think. The only important thing is to score goals!

Q: You spent the whole career in Serie A. You always live on the offside line avoiding the referee’s whistle.
A: Serie A is among the best leagues in the world, and I have been fortunate to play so many years. Living on the offside line is the way I play. It’s my characteristic as a striker.

Q: Did you ever think of becoming one of the best strikers in the world? And what about your celebretions?
A: When I was a kid I certainly do not expect to achieve all the goals I have achieved then. It was my dream. When I score a goal, I feel I’m filled with immense happiness. I know many fans expect my goals so it is a double satisfaction for me when I score.

Q: You had many assists from champions who were your teammates. Who is the one you miss the most?
A: Kaká, a great guy and huge champion, a great friend of mine.

Q: After the penalty scored in the 2003 Champions League Final, with 30 goals scored in that season, many people said Inzaghi deserved the Ballon d’Or.
A: Yes, that was really a great season for me and I think I might deserve the Ballon d’Or. Anyway I’m happy for what I achieved with my team AC Milan.

Q: Inzaghi got an incredible record of 70 goals in European Cups. When you think you’ll increase it?
A: The recovery is going well, but I have to have patience. I’ll return when I’ll be Ok. It’ll happen soon.

Q: When will you stop playing, you think to become a coach?
A: I don’t know yet. Let’s say I wish to remain in the world of football.

Q: And speaking of coaching, who is the manager that comes you in mind?
A: I h ad a lot of managers. If I have to say just one I prefer Carlo Ancelotti, who followed me to both Juventus and AC Milan. We have lots of memories (and wins…) together. I hope to do the same with Allegri. We have a good feeling.

Q: Last thing is a suggestion for the young players. How to become great strikers?
A: The right playing times and passion.

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