Leicester 0-4 Liverpool

Liverpool won their 17th game in 18 games played. This incredible start of the Premier League will crown one of the best teams ever seen in England. This Liverpool squad is untouchable, unreachable and unbeatable in the Premier League. 

Leicester is having a great season sitting at the second place in front of Manchester City. They could do nothing against the might Reds, dominated against a team so realistic that convert into goals almost all counterattacks or plays, just great football.

Jurgen Klopp and his team will tell you there is still much to play in the season. But seriously how on earth either Leicester or Man City can hope for a comeback. The combine for 9 defeats total while Liverpool has not gone pointless in ANY of the first 18 games.  The math is right, everything is still possible. It will just not happen at Liverpool. 

Coach Klopp on another big win:

It was just a game against a really good football team and it is not about deciding whatever you were thinking about before it’s actually decided. It is already difficult enough to perform in the way you can win against Leicester in their stadium. How good they are, everybody knows, how dangerous they can be, everybody knows, and my boys just played a very good football game. Really, really completely focused, in most moments really good organised, if not then closing the gaps we created by not being in the perfect spot with our legs.

The first goal was obviously brilliant but the bigger chances we had before that but didn’t score from these situations, that’s how it is. After, the 2-0 penalty, it was a corner, Divock Origi came a second before on the pitch and I think if he’s not there then the defender probably sees the ball a bit better and can react maybe different.

Millie came on a second before and could finish the situation, that helped. Third goal, just completely cool and composed: a super ball from Trent and Bobby with the super finish. And then Trent with the fourth with a super finish. Of course it was a really good football game, but we had to be good otherwise we would have lost here.

On the gap with second place

You only think what changes in the question is the number is different: it was 10, 11, now it’s 13. We actually don’t feel it, we don’t think about it, not at all. We didn’t mention it once before the game because it’s just not interesting. I can write the stories myself: the first story is that never before in the history of football, British football at least, has a team had a bigger lead and lost the lead.

So that sounds in my ear negative, so why should we think about something like that? We are just focused on the next [games]. How I said, we play Wolves, Sheffield United, Everton, Tottenham, Manchester United in the next five games. That doesn’t sound like anything is decided in my ears, to be honest. We have to play all of them and we try with all we have to make sure we are ready. The number is absolutely not relevant to us.

At the same time Man City fell for the fifth time this season at Wolverhampton 3-2. It is uncharacteristic of Guardiola’s tenure with City.

Now, only the Champions League could save a so-far disappointing season for the League champions. Yet, they will face Real Madrid for the showdown of the Round of 16… 


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