Premier League week 11

For the 10th time in 11 matches, Liverpool come out with the three points. Again the Reds fought hard to grab a very important win and keep its distance with Manchester City. With 31 points in just 11 games Liverpool remain 6 points clear of their rivals for the title.

Wild Five minutes

86th minute, Aston Villa lead 1-0 and dream of a prestigious victory against the leaders. Liverpool push but can get a goal to level the game. Mané on the right side of the pitch centre a ball in the middle that Robertson head into the goal for the equalizer. 

The difference this year is that not only Liverpool come back in the game but they also find a way to win it. We are in the fourth minute of the added time when Mané finds the net to give the Reds the win in Birmingham. Liverpool record the best start in Premier League history thus far. What a season it has been. 

Coach Klopp comments on the late win:

“The best possible in football. Really satisfying. The routine [for Mane’s goal], we’d tried before a couple of times and we thought it could be a space where we could make a little advantage. It was not the only routine we had, but it was one I saw in the game two or three times before.

We worked yesterday on that and then if you can use it in a very decisive moment then it’s really good. Sadio [also] crossed the ball for Robbo’s goal. Being there for that goal after the situations he had in the game when he got a yellow card. I think when you see it back, it is for sure not diving, there is contact, but it is the decision you have to accept. In the moment, then the crowd takes you a little and try to make you even more insecure. But that’s obviously not possible with Sadio. He stayed in the game, got the yellow card there, but still stayed in the game even defensively. Very good.

We made it difficult for ourselves. We started playing football good but not exactly like we should have done. Aston Villa were ready today for a proper fight, a proper battle, defend with all they have, try to find spaces for counter-attacks and be there and have good set-pieces.

We played good football but didn’t finish the situations and then we conceded a goal. Then it is not so easy to change these wrong decisions, this wrong path, immediately. We needed a bit of time, but we had good chances as well. I don’t think they had too many, but we had good chances. Second half then we started immediately much more aggressive in the right manner, our counter-press was better. 

We really know it, the boys tried it. I think we got the free-kick with Trent, then somebody in the wall [deflected it with a] header and then that was the corner when we scored. That’s football, you need to have these situations.