Here are few words from some Chelsea’s players and the final words for the coach:

Didier Drogba who played his last game with the Blues:

I know next year I will want to have more minutes than now. I want to play and finish on a high knowing I gave everything. I just want to enjoy before I say stop. For me to stay here and finish on a frustration is not possible.  

‘Plus the team needs to be stronger next year to compete in the Champions League. They are also going to buy new players and they also have young players coming through, they need to play. It’s not that I’m not a competitor but I think it’s time to give them a chance. 

‘I’m going to have a few days and weeks to think about what is good for me next, but all I want is to play.’

‘I wanted to prove to myself that I could come back to the very highest level if possible, play in the Champions League, score in the Champions League. Winning the league with Chelsea was what I really wanted to achieve when I came back and I think I played enough games to give a contribution to that’.

Gary Cahill: chelsea2015

‘Obviously we won it after the Palace game and, don’t get me wrong, it felt amazing at the time but when we had the cup, what we’ve achieved this season all sunk in,’ Cahill said.

‘The last few games have been weird, even preparing for them has been totally different but, in a way, it’s irrelevant because we did all the hard work and put it to bed with three games to go so we deserve it.’

John Terry:

‘It’s been five years so we’re delighted to get it back and now the challenge is to keep it next year and go again,’ said the defender. ‘We’ve been different class since day one and everyone deserves a pat on the back.

‘It was an unbelievable day but at the same time a sad day with Didier going. Lamps has also played his last Premier League game so that’s two legends who will be sorely missed, but they’ve set the example for the younger players in the squad.’

Coach jose Mourinho:

‘The game was good, they came for a result, we didn’t want to celebrate without a point, we didn’t want to lose the game, so when they scored before us we had to react,’ said the Portuguese. ‘The second half was good, a lower tempo than normal, but we showed the qualities from our best period of the season so it was good to see that dynamic.

‘After that, celebrations are always celebrations, the big emotion is when you clinch the title but when you have the cup in your hand it’s always a great feeling. After five years without that at Stamford Bridge it was time for our supporters to enjoy it as well.’

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