Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea

David Moyes react afters the game:

I thought we played well and was disappointed we didn’t get a goal for it,” Moyes said.

“We lacked a little bit of cutting edge in the final pass or cross tonight. But, it was tough, Chelsea defended well when they had to, and I thought if anyone shaded the best chances it was us.

“We went with three forward players as we wanted to try to make sure we won the game. There will be lots of games where I’ll decide not to play an attacking team, but that won’t make me a defensive coach. Just like tonight doesn’t make me an attacking coach. Tonight we felt that was the best approach.

“We did everything we could, we just lacked a ball to get Robin [van Persie] away for a chance to score, or Danny [Welbeck] that opportunity. We had one or two close calls, but it just wasn’t going to go in tonight.”

Jose Mourinho quotes:
‘I think it’s a fair point,’ he said. ‘Nobody deserved to lose, nobody did enough or nobody was better than the opponent to deserve a clear victory, so I think it’s a fair point. For us after home victories to come to the champions and in their first match at home to get the point, I think it’s fine, it’s positive.

‘I played here with four kids under 22 in attack, for some of them the first time at Old Trafford. They played against the champions, against Ferdinand, against Vidic, against Evra. My kids behaved very well. They couldn’t produce enough to win the game, we didn’t have as many situations as we expected to, we missed some easy passes but the boys were fantastic. The kids were fantastic. The whole generation was brilliant. It’s a very good quality for my team.

‘My team needs this because it is a team with a lot of talent but at the same time they need to know how to play in difficult circumstances.They know how to think tactically, how to think in a result if the result you want is not possible. For me it was fantastic. Andre Schurrle playing aginst Evra, Oscar playing in different positions. For me it was fantastic.

‘It’s not a victory, only one point, and not the best match but when you try to educate these kids and make them competitive men, playing in a team that wants to win the title, you need to play the match where you play amazing football but you need also to play the match where you thought tactically for 90 minutes, so I praise my people. They had a good start to the season, two victories at home and one point at the champions’ home.’

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