90SOCCER  launches its new category “Quotes of the Week”  for the fans worldwide .Each week we  will go back to the most significant reactions over the weekend action in all major European championships. Either the players, the coaches, or the managing board, we bring what nobody else does every weekend and for you to enjoy. All words are literally taken from the actors of the beautiful game with no alterations.

Arsenal – Wenger on Jack Wilshere

“He could have played but it made sense to give him a breather because we’re playing every three days at the moment. He is not 100 per cent yet, but he is 90 per cent.
“I’m a bit cautious because he’s had a few operations. I don’t want to make a mistake on the medical front and overuse him because the ankle is the most important part of any football player.”I would be a bit more cautious with Jack [than with others]. Until we feel he is completely free from any risk, of course.”

Manchester United – Moyes on Rooney

“I was very pleased with Wayne’s performance and very pleased by the reaction from the crowd. “That wasn’t unexpected – I expected it.

“I told him I might only play him for 60 or 70 minutes and see how he was. But he worked back, he tackled and he was great. He closed two or three people down in the corner and the crowd realised the work he did. “He was desperate to score and nearly scored with an overhead kick in injury time.”

Bayern Munich – Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on Frank Ribery

“I’d like to see him deservedly named European Player of the Year,”. He feels great here, we’re happy and he’s happy. The happiness would only increase if Franck actually wins the continental award”.

PSG – Blanc on his squad:

“We are watching our rivals, and after two weeks of the season, they are still more fine-tuned than us in terms of their preparation, but we knew they would be. We are frustrated in terms of the number of points we have. We should have four points today, with all due respect to Ajaccio”.

FC Barcelona – Xavi on coach Martino

“Tata Martino is a natural leader and he communicates a lot. He gets his message across clearly and he’s easy to understand. He’s adapted really well to our philosophy and he’s a born winner.He’s not changed too many things, but he has introduced some small variations in tactics for example, where we’ve moved from a zonal marking to man marking. We are working hard at bringing out the ball and set pieces, which are important in the modern game”.