Liverpool got awarded a penalty at the 3rd minute of added time to beat Leicester 2-1 and grabbed all first 24 points on the Premier League.

James Milner’s first goal 

Against a solid opponent in Leicester City that got back in the game at the 80” all signs were pointing towards a draw. It would be the first points dropped by Liverpool this season.

Mo Salah seemed to get injured and it was one of those nights for the Reds….Then on the last chance of the game Mané (who scored the first goal for Liverpool), fell in the box. The ref blew the whistle, confirmed with VAR to award a penalty for the locals. Milner would take it and give the win to his team. The Reds continue their incredible start in the Premier League

Coach Klopp on a dramatic end of the match: 

“Everyone will feel it in the season that if you get a point against Leicester it will be a success for 95 per cent of all the teams. So in a difficult week like we had with a very intense game on Wednesday and a really strong opponent, Leicester City obviously doesn’t have to play [in midweek] – not yet, next year they will. We start then with 60 exceptional minutes, the first half was exceptional, we put them under pressure, the energy levels of the boys is just incredible, how we do and do and do again.

The only problem we had was that we only scored one goal, and it was clear there will be a moment in the game where Leicester probably will come up a little bit because our energy level dropped. And for that, each goal you can score before helps massively [but] we had only one. They came up, had more possession, when we had the ball we were not clear anymore – we lost easy balls and were passing these square balls. They didn’t even have to press, we just gave them the ball and they had their counter-attacks, which is a big strength of them.

So, a lot of good things lead to a result usually, if you have a bit of luck. I don’t see where we needed much luck because it was a penalty and I’m not sure how many more chances Leicester had to score. We don’t think we will win all the football games. We didn’t think before the game that we will win this, [but] we were ready for a fight. That’s it.”


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