Premier League fixture 4

Liverpool suffers the worst loss under Klopp management. The Premier League champions fell for the first time this season in alarming circumstances conceding seven goals to Aston Villa for a final score of 7-2. This heavy and embarrassing defeat makes its entrance into the league’s history books being the first time since 1963 Liverpool conceded 7 goals in the Premier League. 

Perfect Aston Villa 

Aston Villa enjoys one of the their best start ever winning all the 3 games they have been involved this far this season and sits at the second place behind the surprising leaders, Everton. Villa netted 4 goals to the league champions in the first half and added three more in the second for a large win. Watkins who is just playing his third game of his young career scored a hat-trick and terrorized keeper Martinez.  

Coach Klopp looks for answers

“First and foremost, congratulations to Aston Villa and all credit to Aston Villa because they deserve these three points massively so, because they played a really good game. The only good news actually is nobody was injured after the game.

If you protect your own offensive stuff not properly, you will get in trouble. And we got in trouble tonight. And all these things happened tonight. You could see in moments. And I don’t think I had to say that a lot but tonight in different challenges Aston Villa definitely wanted it more than us. That’s something I saw and I don’t like obviously, but now the boys go to their national teams and when they come back – hopefully healthy, all of them – then we have two days’ time to prepare the Everton game and then we have the chance to do better.

Liverpool had won the three previous games of the season and concede then their first loss and sits at 5th in the table with 9 points.