Premier League fixture 4

Manchester United got humiliated and destroyed by Tottenham Hotspur at home 6-1. This is the worst defeat for United since the loss to Man City 6-1 as well back in October 2011. 

Former Man United coach mentioned a couple days ago that he won what he could have won with the club claiming the Europa League trophy in 2017 against Ajax and the EFL Cup. He surely enjoyed the beating given by his team to his former club. Once again coach Solskjaer’s squad came out flat and disorganized. 

Martial sent off

The game took off quickly with an early lead for the home team after just 120 seconds. But the Spurs would respond immediately and take over in less than 5 minutes thanks to a goal from Son and Kane. From there on, it was a total domination and when Martial got sent off the game got quickly out of hand for the Mancunians with 2 additional goals from the same duo to put this tie to bed. 

Down 4-1 at the break, Man United had no response and got punctured another 2 times giving Harry Kane his hat-trick and the largest ever win for Tottenham in Manchester. Alike last season, Man United start off very badly the season. The entire team played bad and all players need to seriously look at the mirror after such a lackluster display and humiliation. 

Alarming defeat for coach Solskjaer 

“Well of course when we get the start we did, you think, ‘Yeah, we’ve got the game where we want it.’ And then you make a few bad decisions and you’re suddenly two or three-one down. Of course it’s alarming. It’s nowhere near good enough. I hold my hand up. It’s my decision to pick the team I did and we, us as a squad, that’s not good enough for Man United.”

It’s nowhere near good enough. And when you have a defeat like this, which has happened at the club before, you’ve just got to look yourself in the mirror. They’re lucky now, the boys, or I don’t know if it is lucky, but they’re going away on international duty some of them and for the ones who are staying here, we’ve got a good [amount of] time to work.

But we don’t [all] see each other for ten days and that’s hard now because we need to batten down the hatches and get together because that wasn’t anywhere near good enough as a squad or a team.

4-1 down you’ve probably lost the game so then it’s about showing your character, showing your personality. We had to try to close their avenues to goal and we didn’t, we were too passive. We didn’t come out with any aggression in the second half which I had hoped for.”

Man United sits at an alarming 16th place in the league with 1W and 2L out of their first 3 matches.