By Rob Deyzel

Be honest all Gunners fans. Did you have a sly little chuckle to yourself when Liverpool’s 100th minute penalty was awarded?! It was a laugh or cry moment for sure when Eboue clumsily fouled Lucas in the penalty area leaving Arsenal fans ruing another opportunity to close the gap on the ever improving United side.

The game largely was disappointing with Arsenal dominating possession, yet doing nothing with it. Gunners fans have become accustomed this season with seeing their side trying to score the perfect goal and pass the ball into the back of the net. Without doubt it is nice to see but every now and again have a shot on goal! You can’t win games without shooting!! Arsenal kept the ball moving but could not find a way pass the solid looking Liverpool defence despite them having 2 teenagers at full backs. Liverpool were content to try and hit Arsenal on the counter with Suarez leading the threat. There was nothing really though to separate the 2 teams and Liverpool seemed more than happy to sit back and let Arsenal do all the running. The game looked destined for a goalless draw, that was until injury time! 8 minutes of injury time was scheduled due to Carraghers clash of heads earlier in the game. The Emirates crowd seemed lifted by the extra time and urged on their young guns. Still they couldn’t break down the defence until Fabregas was brought down in the box by the young Jay Spearing. Van Persie stepped up and coolly slotted the ball into the bottom corner of the net. Game won. Or so it should have been! Arsenal panicked and sat back and allowed Liverpool to rally. A free kick on the edge of the box led to Eboue doing what he does best and lose 2 points for the Arsenal. Kuyt made it 1-1 and the full time whistle went leaving Wenger furious at the added time and loss of 2 points.

Wenger stop moaning and teach your players how to control the game from a winning position. You got your lucky break and messed it up. Tough! TIme for Wenger to go? For me never. Gunner legend Bob Wilson was quoted as saying that getting Arsenal to the champions league so regularly is good enough for him. I agree that this alone is a massive achievement. Arsenal fans take note and remember how lucky you are to support such a successful club, even if the trophies aren’t in the cabinet at the moment.

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