Premier League fixture 17

Liverpool suffered a surprising loss on Monday at Southampton, its second loss this season in the league. Dominating the ball and creating with the most chances, the Reds were inefficient and threw the game away at Saint Mary’s stadium against a combative Southampton side. 

Tied at the top

With 33 points, there is a two-way tie on top of the table alongside Man Utd. However, the Premier League champions have played one more game and will likely lose first place when Manchester United plays next.

Coach Klopp on the unexpected defeat:

“We had a bad start in the game, we played completely into Southampton’s hands and gave the game away, we have to admit now, in the first few minutes because after that we were not calm enough to create the opportunities to turn it around. The first half was massively influenced by the start, but with the break it meant we could settle it a little bit.

Then we were dominant in the right areas, had the moments but then the decision-making was not that good. The last pass, we missed the last pass. I heard now we only had one shot on target; we had a lot of shots next to the target which we did not finish, but even with them we probably did not have enough for the moments we had. Our fault, my responsibility and that’s it.

On his frustration:

“I think they [the players] should have done better then I get angry – not long but I get angry. They know that and it was always like this. We cannot only be like this [pats his head] all the time just because we won something in the past. But we don’t have to make it bigger than it is, but it’s big. So we didn’t win the last game, the game before that, the last four games.

On Liverpool’s poor plays:

“I don’t know, is that right? And that’s all our fault – mainly my fault but the boys had a hand in as well. We have to change that. If you bring yourself in a situation like we did tonight against an opponent like Southampton, then you play with the fire, let me say it like this. Southampton is too good for that, Premier League teams are too good for that. And we don’t score late goals because we scored late goals in our past. You do that because you put the opponent under that much pressure that they cannot cope with it anymore. I think Southampton was tonight on the edge of it but they still could cope with it because we helped. That’s all. We were not good enough tonight.”