Ex-Paris Saint-Germain coach Emery signs with Arsenal

The succession is completed as Emery signed today with Arsenal replacing Arsene Wenger who had the job for the 22 years. Will the Spanish coach last that long? The answer is probably not! But is he the right choice for the Gunners? We look into his resume and we hear from club’s CEO and the new coach on his new challenge. It is a new day at Arsenal. 

Arsenal CEO Gazidis on Emery’s selection:

“We had some clear criteria that we were looking for in our selection, the first was progressive, entertaining football, a personality that fits with Arsenal’s values and also a record of developing players, in particular young players through detailed, tactical instruction and also through cultural demands, pushing players and demanding more from them.
Unai has an energy, a passion, a competitive energy and it is this combination of detail, of hard work, passion and a love for football and a will to win that made us feel that this fit was exactly right for Arsenal and exactly right for the people we have working at the club.
So why Unai Emery? I have followed Unai’s career very closely since his days at Valencia and he has always been on my radar screen. He has a fantastic record of success wherever he has gone and interestingly one of the noteworthy things about Unai’s teams in that they improve over time.”
Arsenal New head coach on his appointment:
“I believe the players who are here, the objective is to work together, to work hard with this talent. The target is to be a candidate and to challenge for the title. It is very important for the club after two years outside the Champions League to work this way, to be the best club, the best team in the Premier League and also in the world.
I’m thinking about the present and the future. In terms of my past experience, that makes me feel stronger and it also allows me to have a guide in terms of my future trajectory. I’m very excited to be here, very excited to compete against some top coaches and very excited to play against some top teams. I have to say that right now, the Premier League is right at the top.
I think that’s about battling for every title. That’s something that’s in Arsenal’s history, it’s in my history as well and I want that to continue. Our objective is to be among the best in Europe, so those are the two objectives. I also want the team to make the fans proud. I know they are already but I want them to be even more so.”