The Premier league season has come to an end for another year but it is not all doom and gloom for football fans as the World cup is just a few weeks away in Russia. England fans will be hoping for several of the premier league stars such as Kane and Sterling can bring in similar form they have been producing all year for both Tottenham and Manchester City.

Manchester City have certainly been in incredible form all year which has been shown in the sheer dominance over the league. They have therefore broken several records in the process which is likely to come as no surprise to many. This includes the points total and most goals scored in a premier league season. Both stunning achievements in themselves.

So can they be challenged next season? Looking at this season it is a clear no. Many punters will be looking to bet on the football title next year and Betfair make Manchester City 4/6 favorites to follow up. Their nearest challengers according to the betting is set to be Liverpool who have at times played at City’s level in the league.

They have however saved their best for the Champions league and are set to contest the final against Real Madrid in Kiev in the coming weeks. They will be looking to emulate their stunning victory in the competition from back in the 2004/05 season. Rivals Manchester United will also be keen to stop the tide from turning and challenge City strongly for the title next season. Mourinho is likely to strengthen his side in the transfer window so they will always be a threat.

The incredible entertainment that the Premier league provides is the clear reason why it is the most watched sports league in the world. It is broadcast to over 640 million homes with a potential TV audience of a jaw dropping 4.7 billion.

Yes 4.7 billion. Incredible, but it just shows the level in which the top tier in English football has become. With this being the case the TV deals have meant that clubs are spending more money on world class talent and improvements to their stadiums.

This is shown in the current redevelopment on Tottenham’s White hart lane. So which are the top modern stadiums in world football today? Check out the infographic below to find that out.