Premier League week 17

Liverpool beat Watford 2-0 and extend their lead to 10 points over Leicester City. Mo Salah scored both goals to tie Sadio Mané with 9 goals each this campaign. The Reds will spend the Christmas season with a double digit advantage as they head out to Qatar for the FIFA Club World Cup.

For the first time since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, Liverpool has the keys to win the title. The Reds have won 18 times the first division title [last one in 1990] but never Premier League. Will Liverpool be able to win this season? Only time will show. The 2018/19 season of Premier League was remarkable, and for some people, it was pretty tensionous to watch. According to this research, watching some players were pretty stressful. We should sit back, enjoy the matches ahead of us and hope for a good exciting season. In the meantime, Manchester United was able to win even 13 Premier League titles.

Coach Klopp on his team’s success:

In December and January especially, you need to show resilience. That’s the most important thing. And we showed that, but Watford showed it as well, so I respect that. We had chances, we scored goals, but they had chances as well which they didn’t score from – and that’s for sure one reason why they are in the situation they are in.

If we didn’t go to Qatar now, we would play midweek Aston Villa and then West Ham; the only difference is we fly seven-and-a-half hours. But there it’s warmer. I think it’s raining there, that doesn’t help the pitch, the one pitch we’re all now playing on. All the games are now on one pitch and it’s raining there.

I’m not sure if the people in Qatar are really used to a lot of rain, we will see how the pitch will be. That’s a bit of a problem, but I was not there so I have no idea. But we don’t have ‘more’ games. I don’t know when we play West Ham – then we get one game more. That’s it. Until then, we try to sort it as good as possible for us.

Liverpool is in a midst of an amazing run with 49 out of 51 possible points, the Reds are on par to set a record season last established by Manchester City with 100 points. 


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