Premier League week 17

Manchester City stay put at third place behind Liverpool and Leicester City after the easy win at Arsenal 3-0. The Sunday Premier League showdown was nowhere competitive but a practice game for Guardiola’s men as the champions were up 1-0 after just 90 seconds. 

City scored two more goals in an ultra dominated first half as De Bruyne was in top form for the visitors. Arsenal fans must be sorry to see such a terrible side with 1 win in the last 5 games and a bottom defense in the League. 

The club sacked Emery and appointed Ljunberg for the same results. At this rhythm there will be no European competition at the Emirates stadium next season.

Ljunberg on the loss, questions Arsenal management

I must say that if you’re 3-0 down against a team like City who can play well with possession, it’s tough. I said at half-time that I knew it was hard, especially against City. Liverpool and City are in a league of their own at the moment.

I said it’s about pride. They had to go out and show in the second half, even if they don’t react and I knew it would be difficult to win 4-3, but there should be no chance of them scoring another goal. We tried to at least impose ourselves a little bit.

It was hard for them because City kept the possession well. Sometimes we did as well between the boxes, we understood the game plan of trying to change it and open them up a bit. But we were not dangerous enough. We had some small half-chances where something could have happened. When they had their chances, De Bruyne smashed it straight in the net.

I’ve said to the club, it’s a great, great honour to do this. Of course Per is the academy manager and he’s doing two jobs in one go. I think it needs clearing up to make a decision so that everybody knows. That’s something I’ve said. It’s totally up to the club. I’m very honoured and trying to do things as well as I can, but I think that it would be good to make a decision regardless of what it is.

Man City and Belgian International, De Bruyne on the win:

“I think the first five minutes we were a bit unstable, but the game shifted and we scored two good goals.

The first 20 of second half was sloppy, but rest was good. To come here win 3-0 and keep a clean sheet is good.

Other teams lost points around us, so it was good to get to win today. Every time you lose a game, you try to show a reaction in the next one, even though this year we have lost points, every time we come back with a win.

Every performance you have to be critical of yourself – some are better than others – and at this level, the small details make the difference.


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