Premier League week 22

The untouchable Liverpool continues to impress the country and the whole world. Since the beginning of the season, the Reds have only dropped two points. Indeed they won all games except one. 

After 21 games played (one game behind) Liverpool have recorded a total of 61 points, the most ever points by any team in the top five European championships.

This fabulous season illustrates well the title is theirs and everyone in the Premier League knows that. Last victim was Tottenham and José Mourinho. In a tough game, Liverpool found the opening thanks to Firmino to get the close 1-0 win in London.

Coach Klopp on making history:

“We had to play for it. And in the end we had to fight for it, really hard. We could have closed this game earlier. We should have, I would say; the chances were clear. We had moments when we didn’t make chances, but they were ones I would say usually would have to be a 100 per cent chance. I think we played some exceptional football.

I told the boys, we made kind of an analysis after the game, what we should have done better, what we could have done better but of course I know if it would be easy to have that kind of winning streak then so many more teams would have done it. It’s obviously very exceptional but we didn’t think for a second before the game, I didn’t, and after the game somebody had to remind me about it. It’s obviously exceptional but if it stays like this then I can think about it in the next five years, after five years or so.

In the moment, I can just say what we try to do with all we have is still to create the basis for the rest of the season. The rest of the season is still quite long and we have a lot of tough games to play, the next one especially tough and we have to make sure we are ready for that. Today it was difficult, we made it a bit too difficult for ourselves because we didn’t finish it off, but not to forget or to underestimate the quality of the other team.