Premier League week 6

Liverpool continue its perfect start of the Premier League season with their 6th win in as many games. The latest won is a marquee victory away from home against a strong rival in Chelsea [1-2].

The Reds played a fantastic fist half and logically led at the break 2-0. On the opposite of their previous game lost in Napoli [2-0], Klopp’s men converted their early chances and controlled the tempo of the match the first 45 minutes. 

Chelsea in trouble

The second half show Chelsea playing better and the Blues reduced the score, yet ultimately fell at home for the second time in a week [0-1 to Valencia in Champions League]. Is Lampard already in trouble? Chelsea’s legend has had a rough start succeeding to Sarri who won the Europa League last year. It reminds us of another legend who came back to its club and failed: Thierry Henry. Some great layers are just not meant to be coach… maybe? Who Knows!

Jurgen Klopp on the big win for Liverpool:

“Very good in moments, in a lot of moments I would say, in periods. Chelsea had their moments, of course, because they are just a good team. Two wonderful goals, a lot of brilliant pressing situations where we won the ball in the perfect space but then we didn’t use the ball and that situation well enough; we could have had much [more] chances in these situations.

After half-time, two big chances, could have been three and four, but we didn’t score so it was clear the game was still open and when Kante scored his wonderful goal then it was clear ‘game on, let’s go for it’. Chelsea did that, we had to defend it and that’s a job to do. It is a difficult place to come, it is a while ago we won here, so it feels big, to be honest. It’s a big one.

We have a big job to do in a really difficult league. Everybody thinks we should be first or second – but we have to play the football for it. We don’t think about these things, we just have to play to try to win football games. That’s what we did. Yes, without character life is difficult, but football is impossible. I was not in doubt about that. The boys did really well, they fought really hard and yes, all good. I don’t think there is any other way to win here. As I said, it was a big one, really.”

Coach Lampard on another home loss to Chelsea:

“It’s hard to accept congratulations after a loss, but we must say the way we played in the second half is towards where we want to be: energy, passion, moving the ball quickly, changing the play, getting crosses in the box. They are things we work on and we did it against Liverpool.

Within that you have to say details lose you games. That Firmino goal lost us the game because you can’t have free headers in our six-yard box.’

It was about what spirit and mentality can we show in the second half. It’s not easy to be 2-0 down at half-time. You can take it on but we did the opposite which I’m proud of. But we need points too.

I don’t mind losing. We lost the Super Cup when we could have potentially won the game. Now we need to translate to points. That performance today, week in week out, is going to amass points. We need to do that and keep improving.”