Milton Keynes (D3) 4-0 Manchester United – Carling Cup round 2



coach Louis Van Gaal reacts:

“I am a coach that is always taking risks because I want to win. It’s also one match (a knock-out cup tie) so when you are thinking you have to win, you have to take risks.

“There was only one goal and one shot in the first half but then I changed the system and we played one against one over the whole pitch. We created a lot of chances then but we were not lucky.

“We had another building-up error and they scored (to make it) 2-0. Then you know it shall be very difficult. You cannot go back anymore because you have to win and there were a lot of spaces given away. The (MK Dons) manager anticipated that well by bringing in a forward who was very quick and used the space well. Out of other errors it was then 3-0 and 4-0. They (MK Dons) scored after each error.”

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