Premier League week 6

Arsenal scored 3 goals for the second consecutive time this week and grab late win 3-2 over Aston Villa. Down twice in this game [01, 1-2], the Gunners completed an unlikely comeback as the game was unfolding. 

Down to 10 men on the field for more than 50 minutes, Arsenal finally opened up Villa’s defense to fin the equalizer from Chambers with ten minutes left to play.

Aubameyang deliver Emirates Stadium

A little over 5 minutes left in the game, Villa is sanctioned and gives a free-kick for Arsenal. Aubameyang take the set piece and the ball winds up in the net for the third goal. The stadium explodes, fans rejoice the first win in over a month at home.  

Coach Emery on a great week with back-to-back wins:

Today the character was amazing and really, playing with one less player is not easy. We lost a little bit of the control and we won that character with our supporters, we took some risks and we came back. 

First our commitment, our behavior, fighting for each ball and also taking some risks for attacking and above all we are using and when we were one less player. That is good. Today is two things for me: the first is that character, that connection with the supporters, and after this, how we can improve defensively and throughout the first 11.

Really we lost more balls than we wanted and this is the one situation we didn’t have the control over in the first 30 minutes like we wanted. It’s one thing for me to improve and to work with the players.

With that victory it’s better and after last week against Watford it was competitive and today, we need to take a good balance in our emotion, in our mentality but today I think we can be happy and it is one step ahead.

On the penalty decision to let Pepe take it:

“Aubameyang is responsible for penalties. Also Lacazette, and today for me is a very big decision from Aubameyang to let Pepe shoot to give him confidence and the possibility to score.

Really, the responsibility is Aubameyang and I was happy when I saw that decision from Aubameyang.”