Passion takes us to unique places. For TJ Widbin of Wever, Iowa, that place is Kenya. In 2007 he took soccer equipment to Kenya and now runs Kicks4Kenya (

He will be headed to Kenya soon for the 2010 World Cup and is working to raise funds to help expand their outreach programs that help distribute soccer balls and start leagues for orphanages and schools all over Kenya.

“My goal is to use the excitement of the World Cup to make a positive change for kids in underdeveloped areas. The World Cup in Africa is a once in a lifetime chance to use an event like this as a huge building block for progress, not just for Africans…but for the world to see Africa.”

The 22-year-old Widbin says that seeing the kids reaction to getting balls and gear is something that will always keep him coming back. “Soccer means so much to them and just that ability to play it with proper balls and shoes means the world. They get the biggest smiles you can imagine and it makes everything worthwhile.”

TJ Widbin can be reached at

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