By Mark Vincent Lincir

I’m starting to think that Jose Mourinho is pretty darn special after all. The Special One has been living up to his hype at every stop. Can he be considered one of the greatest managers ever? He has to be.

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Despite suffering a red card in the first half (it was a harsh red, but why was Motta reaching back?) Inter held on (3-2 aggregate) and did what they had to do to eliminate Barcelona and advance to face Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final. Everybody knew that he challenge for Barcelona was going to be how to break down Inter’s defense and snag a few goals at home.

Unfortunately, it can’t be done…especially against an Italian team when the stakes are high. Inter’s commitment to defending and simply keeping the other team “out” is too strong. It’s not just a sign of Italian philosophy, but also of Mourinho’s.

Remember how many games Chelsea used to win 1-0? Soccer at its most efficient. Get a goal, keep the other team out…win game…win titles. Even with all the offensive weapons Mourinho always seems to have at his disposal, he gets his players to commit defensively and work together as a unit better than anybody.

I loved Mourinho charging around the field after the game. Not because I wanted him to incite a riot, but because of the pure passion displayed in his gestures and expressions. Even with Valdes trying to get him to stop, he basically ignored the Barca keeper and continued to salute the Inter fans who had traveled to the game.

If you don’t want the opposing coach running around the field with the #1 sign firmly extended to the sky, don’t lose! I think everyone is getting a little soft and sensitive here. This is what the game is all about. Great competition, great wins and brutal losses…no middle ground…all or none, and Mourinho wants and demands it all. Fortunately for him and his healthy ego, he usually gets it.

Does anyone think that Bayern has a chance in the Final? Think again. Inter 1-0.

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