Steaua Bucharest 0-4 Chelsea

Mourinho reacts 

‘I put a lot of pressure on the players for this game, and they coped well with that pressure,’ Mourinho said.

‘They accepted it and used it as motivation. I put that pressure on them because we have to do everything we can to keep Chelsea playing in the Champions League, but also I think that pressure is the way they can grow up faster.

‘When you play for a big club you need to have big challenges and it is the way to accelerate the process, and I am happy because they coped very well. In attacking areas we had beautiful moments in the game but everything started at the back. Ivanovic, David Luiz, who made zero mistakes all game, Terry and Cole gave us stability and from there the team could cope with the situation.

‘Against Hull we were strong first half; against Tottenham in the second half we were fantastic and when losing and that is more difficult. Against Fulham were strong second half too but this is the match when people played more confidently from minute one.’

For Torres: ‘It is a pity for the guy because he is in a very good moment physically and he played fantastic against Tottenham, and he played today because he deserved to start. It is a pity but that is football.’

On the state of the Champions League group campaign after the first three points won…
‘If we didn’t win today we were in trouble. We have cleared a little bit the fact that we lost the first game but everything is there. We finish the group with a game at home, that is an advantage, but at this moment I don’t want to think about finishing first, I want to think about qualifying for the next stage. After that we will see.’


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