Working for FIFA is a dream of many young people around the world. Sadly, being a top player in the world of football is far from an easy journey. Since very few people will ever attain the skills required to play professionals, it can be a good idea to explore jobs in the soccer industry you might not have considered. While it might not be the same as playing on the field, there is an electrifying sense of satisfaction that can come along with being so close and personal to one of your top passions. Take a moment to consider some of these gigs you can work in the world of soccer. With a little digging, you can uncover listings for positions you may never have thought of in the first place.

Scout the New Talent

Have you been working as a coach for many years? After spending so many hours on the green with your players, you likely have developed a keen insight on the game and what makes for real talent. If you think you have what it takes, you could start the journey to work as a scout or agent for the professional leagues. As of 2019, there is a very specific process a person must go through in order to make this career switch. As long as you’re already coaching the sport, you’re already on the right path.


Coaches who wish to pursue this career option must apply for a Talent Scout License. In order to qualify for this type of license, the applicant must currently have an official United States Soccer B Coaching License. It is also important for the candidate to work within the talent identification program of whatever league he or she is currently employed by. With a decent starting salary and the chance to influence the game in a real way, working as a scout is often the next best thing to playing the sport itself.

Work in Sales

Like any other field of business, the sport of soccer is an entire industry in and of itself. If you want to get in on the ground floor and start on a career path of fulfillment and excitement, you can easily find a way in through the sales department. Essentially, a job in operations involves working with the processes and activities that help a soccer organization run in an efficient and lucrative manner. In some cases, positions of this nature are referred to as “business operations” jobs, though the responsibilities of the position are identical.


There are plenty of ways to begin working in this area. Look over postings for a sales operations job description and get a general idea of what the position entails. As you start to learn more about what a soccer organization is looking for from their sales managers and operators, you will get an idea of where your qualifications fall. If you have any experience working in sales, you’ve already got a leg up on the competition. This is an ideal fit for those working tedious office jobs and looking to enter more interesting areas of business.

Analyze Data

Everything comes down to data in the digital age. Whether you’re trying to figure out the best FIFA player currently on a team or you’re trying to figure out how ticket sales are going to go based on previous financial records, you absolutely need to learn how to analyze and apply data. Not surprisingly, data analysts are in high demand across a number of industries at the moment. If you love numbers and want to incorporate football into the equation, this is a fun and practical career fit.


Whether you have been playing soccer since you are a child or you love to spend free time watching the sport with friends and family, there are plenty of reasons to consider working in this industry. Find a job that fits your set of skills and see what direction your life can take.