Soccer is one of the most popular, renowned sports in the world today. Millions of players lace up their cleats every year to hit the pitch and work on their skills. From the time they can walk, many children aspire to become the next soccer phenom. They spend hours daily practicing their drills and perfecting their technique, all with the hopes that one day they may be able to play professional soccer. If you’re a soccer star looking to get chosen for a world-class team, there are several elements that recruiters look for in their potential candidates. Read on to learn how you can be recognized by the scouts and chosen to join your desired elite soccer squad. 

Demonstrate Your Physical Characteristics 

While many soccer skills can be taught and learned, most successful players are born with the innate traits of speed and size. Typically, recruiters first send a sales email to coaches, requesting to evaluate players who demonstrate one or both of these qualities before officially visiting them. Upon their in-person assessment, speed and size take precedence. 

In terms of speed, every player on the field is required to maintain a certain pace, and the faster the athlete, the more victorious he or she will be. Many recruiters use speed as their initial differentiator when comparing athletes, so be sure you demonstrate your pace right off the bat. 

Size is much more applicable to goalkeepers, as they are required to use just their bodies to prevent the other team from scoring. They must be tall enough to block the highest shot, and they have to be long enough to defend the ball from entering the goal from the sides. To demonstrate your most powerful self, be sure to incorporate weight training into your soccer practice regimen. Superior strength can set you apart from the rest! 

Show Your Technique

Soccer recruiters seldomly focus on the actual ball during a scouting session; however, they do direct their concentration to how well players can handle the ball in various situations. This scenario is where all those hours, days, and years of drill work come into play.

You should be able to dribble and pass the ball while maintaining your focus on the field and your teammates. A head down signifies to scouts that players need more work technique-wise before elevating their career. 

A dexterous first touch is a critical skill on which recruiters place high importance, for the ability to receive and settle the ball deftly is essential in high-profile soccer. Finally, the ability to use both your right and left feet elevates you from an average player to an excellent one. Ensure you use both feet equally to prove your finesse and artful ball mastery.

Display Your Soccer IQ

In addition to physical drills and technique, scouts also often pay attention to a player’s mental expertise. The capacity to think one or two moves ahead of the current play is something that young players must possess if they wish to move to the next level in their soccer career. Smart soccer players are always aware of where each player resides on the field, but genius players know exactly where they are now and where they will be next. Demonstrate your extraordinary soccer IQ, and have the scouts fighting for your commitment to their team.

Prove You Are an Intelligent Athlete

World-class soccer goes beyond pure physical ability. To elevate your career, you must prove you possess the mental makeup required in an elite athlete. As such, recruiters often interview players’ families and friends to learn more about their personality and on-field behavior. Additionally, if applicable, scouts might ask you questions about how you anticipate handling the pressure and notoriety that comes along with professional soccer. Ensure you properly manage your emotions as well, for recruiters have no desire for hot-heads on their rosters. 

If you dream of becoming a professional soccer player, follow these tips to get recognized by recruiters. With dedication and perseverance, you could be playing for an elite club in front of a live audience boasting thousands of fans!