Many sports bettors always look for the perfect system for handicapping football games; however, there is no truth behind it. The smart handicapper takes the necessary steps in ensuring that they will have the best chance to win while taking into account there are no guarantees. Follow the guideline below on factors to consider before betting.

Recent Form

Finding out the current form is very important before investing your money on a team. It could be the difference between winning and losing a bet. Take time and look at the previous five games or so to find out how teams have been playing. You might be shocked to find out that your mighty teams are favorites to win the game but have never scored a goal in their five past meetings, while the team that hasn’t won 4 times of their last 5. Never be deceived by Odds because they don’t always represent their actual value. Therefore do proper research so you can make up your selections based on appropriate information.

Expected Lineups

A serious gambler should always be aware of the anticipated lineups of teams before wagering. This is because sometimes teams may not feature their best players for a match. They may be saving their critical players for an important fixture, or some players could be injured or suspended. Such a situation often dramatically impacts the performance of the teams.

Previous Meetings

It is easy to identify a trend if you check out the earlier matches of the two squads. You don’t need to go far back into history if they are members of the same league; there are high chances they play at least twice per year. It’s good to analyze the last two or three years as most of the squads should be the same. When you identify a team with winning streak against a particular opposition, then you may look for that trend to continue.


There are always injury reports for each team available throughout the week leading up to games. For that reason, there is no excuse for not being aware of injuries to factor them into your decision making. The more talented the player is, the significant the injury news becomes, and this must be taken into consideration as far as betting for the team is concerned. A couple of critical injuries can even affect the best teams in football significantly. Therefore it’s advisable to make sure you take that into account when betting on football.

The fact that offers so many football matches to place bets on, it is both a good and a bad idea. It is useful in a way that it gives us an extensive selection of games, but the sad part is that it is not easy to pick one or several actually to include on your slip. Therefore when analyzing a football fixture, follow the above guidelines on things to consider when placing a bet, and you will increase your chances of winning.