Each year millions of jerseys are sold all over the world. In all the continents fans buy the latest collection for the upcoming season. In 2015 Real Madrid was the team with the most jerseys sold, even more than FC Barcelona. That’s a victory for Cristiano Ronaldo who just let Lionel Messi wins his fifth Ballon d’Or. And now with such an iconic coach as Zidane is, their sales could even go up. You can find the best cheap soccer jerseys at an unbelievable price with an amazing inventory. But don’t wait, some invetory won’t last long!

As for Zidane, he broke the record for the most golas scored for a new Real Madrid coach with 10 goals in 2 games: “Scoring five goals twice is not easy. I know what we can do and what we are going to do in the future. We are only at the beginning, I have high hopes for this team” – he said.   However Barcelona does not rank second but Manchester United despite their disappointing season with the elimination in the Champions League.

FC Barcelona actually ranks third in the rankings followed by Chelsea and Bayern Munich comes into 5th place. We do not talk about Bayern Munich that much; yet they are causing it in the Bundesliga and seems unstoppable. As they are getting for the second part of the Bundesliga: “The main thing is to be ready for the Bundesliga restart. The others don’t sleep”. 

Liverpool and Arsenal are head-to-head in the rankings whereas the Italian clubs complete the top 10 with Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan. It is noticeable that despite their major investment and the signing of Di Maria last summer from Manchester United. or other superstars earlier on, PSG does not feature in this ranking. However it is very possible that the French club would insert the list depending  on their Champions League campaign.

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