Arsenal has been playing well this season and the champions Chelsea FC will undoubtedly not repeat this year after a horrendous first half of the season. Manchester City has started strong but has had ups and downs since and their city rivals Manchester United seem not in a position to clinch the trophy due to a lack of consistency.

The surprise came from Leicester, hands in hands with Arsenal as we move deeper in the title race.  A race they can now participate in after a sensational first 22 games. My betting bonus provides all the information you need to accurately follow the Premier League and select the best odds, each week.  So Arsenal has not won the Premier League title for over a decade since the 2003-04 season and after many unsuccessful tries it might be finally their chance to lift up the trophy.

Wenger and his squad see the opportunity this year as it stated:  “There’s a charisma in this team, a togetherness that comes out with a fighting attitude,” Wenger added. “[We are] people who really want to do well and that came out again today.

“I’m very proud of that and I think the club should be proud of that.”

Theo Walcott went on to add:

“The mental strength in our dressing room is the strongest it has ever been. When you have the likes of Petr Cech coming in as well, he only enhances that. He has lifted everybody’s heads up, saying this is a very good point and that nobody tends to win here.

We just have to look at him because he has been at the top level and won many things so if we have the belief that he has got, we can push on.”

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