By Katondwaci Marvin

The FIFA experts are continuing consultations with the football house on the FIFA professionalization project which started last September.

The project is aimed at reviewing the organizational structure of the LFA to bring it on par with FIFA’s acceptable standard.

During the visit to Liberia in September last year, they had separate meetings with team administrators, technical staff, and the media on the way forward in restructuring Liberia Football.

The FIFA team, headed by Brendan Menton, met with some key staffers and EC members of the LFA to follow up recommendations made from their visit in September 2010. Marketing expert Neil Armstrong and Assistant FIFA Development officer for West Africa Souleymane Diallo are the other two members of the team, which left the country Thursday.

The president of the Liberia Football Association Musa Bility lauded the world football governing body for the high level of interest shown in the growth and development of the game in Africa.

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