La Liga week 13: Real Sociedad 1-1 FC Barcelona

After missing on target the last game against Malaga, FC Barcelona could make the difference in the Basque Country. The draw puts the champions at already seven points from leader Real Madrid. And in La Liga, a seven-point deficit could be decisive and an insuperable objective for the crown. El Clásico is looming for next weekend. This will be a must-win game for FC Barcelona at home to preserve chances to repeat as champions.

Barcelona coach Enrique comments on the draw

“If we look at the result it is the best of the season. The opponents were far superior. Football is so capricious that even we could have won with Denis’ chance, but it would not have been just. Most teams try to get the better of us by defending but they played a good game, trying to play with the ball, and they deserved the three points.”

“In the second half, the game was more even, but not enough to compete for the match. The opponents pressed with six players in our own half which made it difficult to get out. And there were infinite duels which we did not win. We are in Week 13, you can’t discount the champions from the past two seasons. There is still a long way to go”

Real Madrid coach Zidane tamper the current situation.

“We’ve got reason to be happy because we’re top, we keep up our good form and we have to continue on in this vein. It wasn’t like a cup final for us but it was an important game and it was one we struggled to win. It is positive but not individual, it is the sum of the team’s efforts. What we have to highlight is the players’ hard work, what they do every day. I have always said this is the best team in the world and we achieve that through hard work. You have to congratulate the players on these stats because if we work together we can achieve great things”.

Our aim is the end of the season, because I remember as a player being top of the league at one point and not winning anything at the end. We have to keep working and wait for the end of the season to say whether or not this has been a good or bad season”.

On El Clásico:
“I am not worried. We haven’t lost or won anything. You are never going to get easy games. When we have a lapse in concentration we are made to pay dearly. Now we must turn our attentions to the Copa Del Rey match before el Clásico and keep working”.

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