MLS Western Conference Finals leg 2: Colorado Rapids 0-1 Seattle Sounders

The Seattle Sounders are thought the 2016 MLS Cup thanks to two victories against Colorado rivals. This will be the first participation for the club. 

Coach Schmetzer comment son the accomplishment:

“I’m very proud of this franchise. The fans deserve that. They deserve it. It’s a first for our city, a first for our team. We did everything possible to get here through the [ups and downs]. We had a lot of lows this year. We were last place in July. Now we’re in the final.

The significance of this is that’s it’s now. We are creating these moments now. The moment that we’ve created for the 200-plus [traveling] fans that drove or flew all the way here to Colorado over a holiday weekend, the 40,000-plus fans we have every [weekend] at every home match, it’s very significant. It’s significant to the fans that were watching us in Memorial Stadium back in the ’70s.

“It’s another chapter. But, again, we’re not finished yet. But we have to make sure all of this culminates with something really big. Really great. A really special moment that people will talk about for many years.”

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